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Welcome To The Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Home Page


Great Lakes Championship Wrestling is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has ran shows all over the Mid-West. It has featured some of the past, present and future stars of wrestling. You can see Great Lakes TV programming on TV8 in Sheboygan, WMLW in Milwaukee, TV 45 in Minneapolis, MN, among other local station within the Mid-West.

To answer questions about the webpage layout this webpage is up to server a propose and not to look pretty or good. If my schedule ever claims down and gives me time, I will make this web page look good. But for right now all we need it is for a propose. - Webmaster









Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction no different then a novel or movie script, all you see here is part of a fantasy wrestling booking. None of this is real or to be taken real. I am no part of the WWE, NWA or any other wrestling fed. If you have any question about the content of this web page please use the email GLCW option above. Thank You - Webmaster