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Upper Card

 Middle Card


Tuff Tom Chaz  Danny Doring & "Angry Amish" Roadkill Mike Modest The Crusher
Trevor "The Heartbreaker"Adonis "Kamikaze" Ken Anderson The Southern Mississippi Militia  Adrian Serrano  Johnny Fairplay
The Patriot Axl Future  Ian & Axl Rotten  Derek St. Holmes, esq "Milliion Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
 Mike Samson Thrasher  American Males(Bagwell & Riggs)  Haystacks Ross Mr. T
Vamprio CW Anderson  David Flair & Devon Storm  Ice Walters  Steven Prazak (Boardcast Team)
 The Sandman Alex Wright  PG-13 (J.C. Ice & Wolfie D)  Mike Mean Dan "The Dragon" Wilson (Boardcast Team)
Adrian Lynch  Blue Meanie  Kronik (Brian Clark & Bryan Adams) Barfly Mike  seVen (Managers)
 Mikey Whipwreck  Johnny Grunge  NFL Dream Team (Greene & Mongo)  "The Technician" Todd Sexton  
Vader  Dennis Knight  The Headbangers    
 Mike Awesome Honky Tonk Man      
Jake "The Snake" Roberts "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan      
 Ahmed Johnson "Road Warrior" Animal      
 Lex Luger  Rick Steiner      
 Buff Bagwell  Mike Rotundo      
 Scott Norton  Kevin Greene      
   Dennis Rodman      
  Steve "Mongo" McMichaels      
   Tracy Smothers      
  Kujo Dog of War      
   Scotty Riggs      
  "The Archangel" Gabriel      
  Balls Mahoney      
  "Straight Edge" Eric Hammers      
   Alter Boy Luke      
   Dino Bambino      
   Ian Rotten      
   Axl Rotten